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I really hope this isn't just some flash-in-the-pan trend. Then again maybe it's ok if that's all this is. Even if the only thing SpaceHey does is serve as a stark reminder of what we *used to have*, that might be enough. I've always had a sort of penchant for nostalgia, and it would be easy to just say this is the most recent indulgence of that. But maybe this can be different. It might not change the world, but in the very least it shows a *desire* from people for something else. Regress or progress, but the status-quo clearly isn't making people happy.
I wanted to write a lot more about this, and maybe I will later... but just the fact this is even *here* tells me there's an undercurrent of people wanting to connect and communicate like it's 2005. And that's pretty cool.

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Xxβ˜†π“—π•’π•šπ•π•–π•ͺπ“–π•π• π• π•žπ•šπ•–β˜†xX's profile picture

I hope it sticks around because I'm honestly over modern social media and miss when I didn't feel the pressure to post pictures about my life.

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I'm mixed with my expectations. It offers a nostalgia that isnt easy to emulate. It feels more personal, it feels like theres a genuine person running this rather than a big corporation that wants to be greedy and drain our pockets dry.
While all of this is great, facebook took down myspace, i think because it was all laid out, didn't have to code or go to great lengths to decorate, it was more accessible to the older gen and easier to use.
That being said, i think it may have a better chance with gen z and millennials, people who enjoyed myspace back in the day. I hope it has a future.

I dont know, we'll see but i have high hopes.

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But i will say, the name isn't sticking with me, i dont want alot to change other than minor adjustments, but i cant remember the name to save my ass lol

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Actually same. Cannot for the life of me remember it. I just default to 'myspace', 'spaceface', 'heyface' or variations thereof

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Yeah I’m hoping it’s not some in the moment trend. And that it sticks around like a MySpace 2.0 lol that would be great!

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