Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure


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the game getting up seems pretty cool; how much is it? also i found u in another forum thingy talking about how it changed ur view on graffiti, how so?

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If you're getting the game on PC, It's on steam for $14.99.
If you're emulating the game (It was released on the PS2), It's free!.

Getting Up showed me that graffiti is much more than just mindless and meaningless tagging. It's a form of expression/art and a way to getting your name out there in a creative and artistic way, and it can also be a form of protest against a government, politician or private corporation.

After completing the game, I thought it would be a good idea to see if there's some sort of online community for graffiti writers and, to my honest surprise, there is. I learned that even they have rules on what places/buildings are OK to paint on and what places aren't; some places where painting is not OK are: churches, homes and private vehicles.

Getting Up opened a window that allowed me to see things from a writer's perspective; clearing misconception I might have had with the hobbie.

PD: Something extra I wanted to add is that Getting Up features actual graffiti artists like Cope2, Seen, FUTURA and more.

I wanted to add that cause when I was playing GTA 4 the other day I saw this written on a wall; it was cool being able to recognize a real graffiti artist when, to most people, it would just be a random graffiti made by Rockstar North.

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