should I go through with making this kinda creepypasta?

So I used to play a game as a kid on my shitty ASUS laptop I had, and one spefiac game on there, It was called "Tux Racer" and belive it or not but the website is still up for the game, it just hasn't been updated sense 2001 and is really broken, but the sourceforge link for the game is still up and working perfectly fine and Window's Defender doesn't find anything worng with the EXE file. I find the game really REALLY errie and it gives off a certian vibe that I really like and I find is a really good opurtunity to make as a creepypasta and I would REALLY like to but I want some advice. My idea of what I should go through with and I plan on making the rough draft tonight if I can stay up long enough without falling asleep with my laptop near me (I don't trust my family near it AT ALL) and I think the idea should beĀ 

The people that work for it are all not really right in the head, but they have to get through and get the game done and they are given mental health help if they manage to finish the game withen the timeframe, but somebody commits during the production and there soul haunts the game.

Thats a good frame of what I have in mind for this story.

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