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Finished Zelda Tears of the kingdom (spoilers)

Ah so the switch emulators finally work well and I get to enjoy some console exclusive games on pc! So I completed Zelda BOTW, after that I had to start playing Zelda Tears of the kingdom which I completed after like 94 hours on the 20th of august, I did some of the sidequests n exploration time to time.

This blog wont have any format or anything so I'll just point out some bits n pieces from the game:

This game makes it feel like a more fleshed out Breath of the wild. BOTW is just essentially like a foundation for it's future game/games.

Link can now build, move AND ROTATE (YESSS) anything not just metal in this game FINALY!!! The other powers are awesome as well like rewinding and phasing through up some statues a- I mean what?

I really love how the game let's you be creative in multiple ways in completing a puzzle or just getting over obstacles to get to a certain location. Making all sorts of machinery with the Zonai technology.

The map has more verticality exploration now with the sky islands and the dark underground. I like the parallels between the underground and surface mirroring each other in someway.

Broo I remember doing the wholesome quest in breath of the wild of helping Hudson make his Tarrey town, and now you get to see him become something bigger part of the story in TOTK with him constructing bunch of things like the lookout landing. I really was hyped to check out Tarrey town and really loved how it got expanded on, I even got to make my own house nearby out of their built parts they provide.

I kinda miss Kass playing his accordion, but he's out there somewhere abroad outside of hyrule as I've heard.

The loot in this game feels soo much better since there are multiple uses for it like upgrading your armor and attaching it to weapons/ arrows. The upgradable weapons/shields AND EVEN A MINERU CONSTRUCT (tho limited to some items) is definitely the most fun and ridiculous thing to do :D

Speaking of the constuct it aint that powerful with some of the zonai tech, it's just for knocking down enemies or killing the weaker ones.

There were bunch of new monsters in the game and older monsters that got an upgraded version with different variants. I like how bokoblins used the Talus to turn it into a battle talus :vvv or how the Yiga clan uses the Zonai technology. There are some monsters that are scary at first sight, but once you are prepared for them or know their weakness they aint that scary.

The story in this game is waay cooler! The whole map is different after the upheaval and Zelda's influence on Hyrule is quite big as well!. I like how the regional phenomenon were really affecting the towns it took place in, and felt quite grim if it wouldn't be dealt with. I love the unique twists of the town soundtracks for the regional phenomenas, my fav being the frozen Rito village soundtrack https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qgd2ZUAyDh4 , eh it's just me loving snowy soundtracks :vvv . The temples that you discover are also fun to go through and offer their own unique twists in puzzles, bosses and the place it takes in. Tho the soundtrack in the temples felt something like from a Star Wars movie/game sometimes, but they did a really amazing job with the soundtrack's transitions ( this vid speaks well about it )

Yoo I liked Rauru, he looks like a huggable creatura that could turn into a great marketable plush :vvvv ALSO HIS ARM that replaces Link's arm looks soo cool!

I was invested in checking the dragon tear cutscenes n uncovering the story :0

I love the bigger armor and accessory variety in this game, there are quite more armor choices with their own side effects. Sadly can't color everything :( . Tho still you can make a drippin' link :D


My link be lookin' like this rn.

My fav armor in terms of looks is armor of the depths and that majestic Mystic set (Mystic set pic below)!

Fugg it - yasifies Link

Really wish there was a way to make arrows on the way in your adventures, tho it's somewhat compensated with the ability to throw items like the bomb flowers n other shi.

The sage powers can be sometimes annoying since you might accidentally miss click on them to activate. They should of made a seperate key and activate any of the sages from that key, unless there's an exception for when you are using the sage of wind or fire for the quick activation when you are flying or using a vehicle.

(A big spoiler) The master sword becomes something waay cooler than the original master sword. It has it's own scar after being shattered from gloom and healed up by the light dragon. I love that you can merge items to it as well, it'll glow in the shape of the item when you hit someone. I had to attach the silver Lynel's saber horn to it :D

I'm laughing my ass off at majority of Zelda videos having the part where they torture Koroks, and saw a video of 25 ways to torture a Korok :'DDDDDD . I mean yeah it's really annoying to get alll of the Korok seeds, but I still kinda like those little guys. It's kinda like one of those tropes of having a little guy in the game just like in Earthbound with the Mr. Saturns.

There are quite a bunch of things that are helpful in terms of exploration with the npcs, sensors, map markings and teleportation.

It's super useful when you can check recipies on each material.

They need to enhance the inventory management for real tho. For a game with collecting shit ton of items for enhancing and what not that'd be a priority. Would be great to have items added to favorites so it would sort by favorites, and items that would be marked with quick sell that you could quickly sell to shop keepers without selling each item one by one.

Gah damn still gotta admire the world of Hyrule in BOTW and TOTK with the races and story. The designs on the characters are just really awesome! It just one of those games that makes you miss and want to see more of this world!

My top tier compendium picture

Also this picture... Isn't she beautiful n majestic?

Speaking of BOTW some shi I'll mention about on the game as well since I dunno how to talk about both games so I'll just insert here:

I love the Talus theme, sounds a bit like a gamecube theme and the piano parts sound a bit like a toby fox soundtrack. Complete banger

Why'd you have to kill off Mypha :'(

The survival mode dlc is really fun, yet challenging!

Rivali is just Berdly 2.0

Both BOTW and TOTK are quite grindy when it comes to upgrades.

Alright I'm done talkin' about these games. I need to contemplate the emptiness of finishing something

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