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Day 1 - Im going to use this shit like threads or twitter

Anyways, talking about my life for someone i dont know? Sound awesome.

Also, today is being kinda shit. Like, the weather is cold here in the south of BR and my nose is running mid class. There's this annoying ass guy that sits in the desk behind mine that won't stfu. Like he might have some illness or idk, ADHD anything like that but bro, i want to sew his lips.

Listening to some other albums while the class doesn't start again, as i dont wont to eat. Night & Love and Swordsman, both by Kekth Arakh. Irl I can't spell the name of the artist but whatever. Man, some of the songs are kind of hard to associate to black metal or maybe it's my lack of knowledge on this genre. Still they're really peaceful tho, bringing a kind of melancholy that fits perfectly with my day. 

That's it for now, hope yall have a good day if someone is reading :p

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