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August 27th 2023

Today was a pretty okay day.  

Last night I spent the night at my lover's house.  After we both woke up he took us to Dunkin where he bought me a sweet cream cold brew.  It's certainly not as good as the salted caramel cold brew but they don't sell that anymore.

For breakfast I had a microwaved quest bar which was super good, I'll have to microwave them more often.  While my lover played Red Dead Redemption I worked on a new art project as I took down a few decorations in my room and now my walls are empty.  

I was almost finished when I realized it needed a few more touches so we headed out to walmart for either cross charms or stickers.  I would have gone to Hobby Lobby as I knew that they would definitely have them but since it's Sunday they were closed.  

We didn't have any luck at Walmart so we then went to Michaels.  They had the charms and super glue but not a thick red sharpie like I needed.  My lover said that he's seen them before at Home Depot so we tried there but to no avail.  We ended up going to three other stores after Home Depot and finally found one at Target though we had to buy a value pack to get it.

Once we got back to his house I quickly finished the art piece, I would put a picture of it below but imgur for some reason is no longer supported on here.

He then ordered us lunch from Four Seasons and it was delicious!  I had the grilled chicken sandwhich with waffle fries.  I read my book for a bit but then had to go back home.

When I arrived home I finished my book, The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath, and went on a walk.

My arrival back from my walk is when things went wrong.  Once I got home I knew I was over heated so I sat down on my bed with the ceiling fan on full blast.  I wasn't able to stay long though as my mother called me to help set the table for dinner.  As soon as I stood up I knew it was a mistake.  I put the remaining silverware on the table and immediately went to the bathroom as I felt I was going to be sick.  Unluckily enough, my father was in the bathroom at the time so I resigned myself to sitting on my bed with my trash can in front of me.

As soon as he exited the bathroom I scurried my way into there.  I tried standing over the toilet bowl but I was too shaky and my heart was pounding at 112 bpm.  I sat down for a bit until my heart was back in the eightys and decided I was safe to stand back up.  I was not.

In the same moment of me giving up and sitting on the floor once more my mother started calling for dinner.  My father came to get me but I told him I needed help.  Since I was still in the bathroom he brought my mother.  She gave me a gatorade and we waited it out until I could stand up without my heart going up with it.  I think this is an appropriate time to inform my reader that I have a chromic illness called POTs.  It's short for Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome.  This basically means that my heart is a bit slow on the uptake, literally.

Since I already missed the family dinner my mother let me eat my dinner in the living room.  I'm thinking about making myself chocolate chip cookie dough now for dessert though; I most likely will.

I would wrap this up with a picture from my fitbit to show exactly how high my heart rate got just from standing up but again, imgur is no longer supported.

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