Does anyone know any good places to shop for scene clothes?

So, I went to Hot Topic the other day, and while I found some good things, it mostly full of (idk how else to say this) "normal" clothes..? Like, it was kind of just boring stuff that I wouldn't wear (ex: Melanie Martinez, Taylor Swift, Demon Slayer, and just mainstream media-type stuff). 

Don't get me wrong, I don't care if other people like that stuff, but I feel that the entire store isn't what it used to be...

ANYWAYS, because of that, I was just wondering if anyone knew any good stores or places online to go shopping for more real scene clothes.


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Arik Ozotf

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Same. The hot topic only sells "hot topic" these days, which just means anything that's popular. The only scene thing I saw at my hot topic were studded/checkerboard belts and this one invader zim belt. Best place to get real scene stuff comes from the people who wore it themselves. By that, I mean thrifting, or some secondhand store where people sell it.

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Yeah, I got a studded checkered belt when I went the other day, and I was thankful to see that because I had gone to a different location before, and they only had weird(?) rainbow belts.. Not my style, personally. I've heard that thrifting is best, so I'll probably do that! Thanks for the suggestion!!

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yeah, hot topic only sells on trend stuff (hence the name). i'm not an expert on scene, but i'd definitely look at secondhand sellers online (ebay, etsy, poshmark, depop, etc etc etc). you'd be paying a premium for quality clothing, but that goes for any sort of older niche clothing.

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Ty! I'll check out some of those sites :D

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