Childhood toys

Sometimes I wish I could be a well-loved child's toy

Many folk have a childhood toy, one they of love to bits. One that has followed them through the ages and though now they look a little different, they are the same toy that had been given to them when they were small. 

Perhaps the child and their toy played cops and robbers or princesses and nights. Maybe they pretended to explore the world and see sights no others have. Maybe they traveled through time and space to discover worlds not yet found.

In the years these toys will face trouble, it's inevitable. They'll become stained and maybe lose a button, perhaps they'll get torn and lose a limb. 

In the end no matter what their child will always love them. 

Even when they're stained or missing a button, even if they're nothing but a rags, their child will always love them.

Now they may be missing stuffing and perhaps they were a little flat but no matter what their child still loves them.

I sometimes wish I could be a well-loved child's toy. Torn and tattered, stand and missing a limb.

All flat and broken but still well loved in the end.

Instead of feeling well loved I feel forgotten. 

I feel like a forgotten toy tucked away into the Attic or stuffed into the back of a closet to collect dust.

I feel like I forgotten toy left behind in the garden now covered in moss and faded by the sun.

A forgotten toy, that's what I am. I wasn't well loved but I can still hope for my child to come back for me. 

I hope they'll still love me like those stained, tattered, and flattened toys.

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