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(08/25/23) First Post- Basic Info, DNI & Saying Hi!!

Hey guys!! Just joined yesterday and I'm having a lot of fun here. I was only around for the very end of the era but I absolutely love everything about the early internet. I wanted better social media and I've been thinking about starting a blog for a while so it's kinda perfect.

I really like meeting new people and making friends. I'm neurodivergent so I've found I'm uncomfortably awkward sometimes but if you can accommodate that I bet we'll get along great. I'm a high school student and in my free time I like hanging out with my friends, listening to music, playing violin, reading, gaming, and programming. Recently I've been obsessed with Monster High, Sanrio, and just movies in general (you should totally follow me on Letterboxd if you have it). English is my native language but I'm also learning Spanish.

I have 5 pets that I love very much so expect pictures sometime in the future. My cats are idiots and get into all kinds of trouble.

For the most part I only follow standard DNI criteria. Just like don't be a bigot or kiddy diddler. If you have one of the stereotypical "problematic" interests just be wary. Maybe reconsider if they're Kanye-level bad.

I'm really looking forward to customizing my profile more and working on some blog posts. I'm always open to suggestions and the occasional debate over mundane things. Resources for HTML and other stuff I can use on my profile are greatly appreciated if you have them.

That's about all the info I really feel like needs to be shared but if you wanna ask any questions go right ahead! Before I go, I think it'd be fun if with some of my blog posts I end with a question for the comments, so what's your favorite horror movie? I really need some recs.


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