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Y'all, chill with this sociopolitical hatemongering

I've been seeing a lot of nasty shit about trans people, and the occasional nazi account prop up too.

I don't care if someone's black or white, gay or straight, transgendered or cisgendered. Doesn't matter if they're they/them, he/him, she/her, xey/xem, or yee/haw. It doesn't affect me. Doesn't affect you. Doesn't harm anyone, so leave people be.

All the fear-mongering and outrage does is embolden the far-right shitheads and get people killed. Not just gay or trans people either, straight cisgendered people too. Recently a woman was shot dead in the street by a shithead for flying a pride flag outside her store, and she wasn't even gay. She was only trying to ensure that any queer people passing know her store's management is accepting of them, if they ever wanna shop in peace.

And don't try feeding me that "they're grooming the kids" or any of that crock of shit from Fox News either. They turned that shit into the God damned Klansmen Network over the past decade, to sell viewers as much hate and outrage as possible, so you keep watching their ads. Every video I've seen of gay/trans strippers around kids is either fake or a straight person party, not a drag queen. Then there's that "drag queen story hour," which is just a guy with some make-up on reading children's books to children. Oh the humanity. Then there's the "trans women pervs infiltrating bathrooms" thing, which has always been bullshit, given cis women have been using the bathroom with trans women for decades and y'all never even noticed.

Ugh. Anyway...

This site's still in it's infancy, and normalized hate within the community this early on will quickly turn this into a nazi website. I don't want to see it go the way of the dodo over on Twitter, and be infested with edgelords and shitheads with Greek/Roman statue avatars. Knock it off y'all.

We're all just chilling, so chill.


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