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⛧Call me solanaceae, sola or however you please

⛧since my main little corners are either doomed, not something you should spend too much time at or trying to kill themself to try and copy other social medias (*couch* Tumblr *couch*) and every other social media site being utter fucking ass i'm on the quest to find myself a new weird corner on the internet to waste my time at. If i stay here all depends on how i like it (rn not so much, awfull lot of posers, tryhard edgelords and children)

⛧bisexy disaster. Just a confused guy, Pronouns are He/Him

⛧clinically insane and disabled anti-saneist

⛧i speak fluent german and english (if my english sounds off it's not because it's not my mothers tongue but because grammar and i have beef with eachother), also basic norwegian and swedish and understand some russian but refuse to speak/write (1th gen immigrant child swag who's parents stopped teaching you your own mother tongue after entering kindergarden kind of situation)

⛧I hate straggots and boring people and whoever took this sentence serious. pointing and laughing at you

⛧Minors will be cooked to stew. Get off my lawn.

⛧give me some time to adjust i need cat treatment in every new enviorment. (sniffing everyone throught a door)


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