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Introduction to me 👾

Hello to the people of the internet đŸ”ĨđŸ’¯

I'm still not entirely sure how to navigate this website, but I guess this is my blog so I might as well write some stuff about me here ✨

I go by Ash. Online friends call me Frax, Mint or Astro, but if you're my irl it's a little weird for you to call me that tbh so just use Ash ⭐

I use any pronouns! I'm transmasc but I don't care too much what you refer to me as so long as you're not calling me a frying pan or something unhinged like that. Irls, you can continue to refer to me as a girl cause honestly I literally don't care 🧭

I'm a minor so don't be a weird ass with me for the love of god 😭

I am a vocaloid and city pop enthusiast. I don't have very specific music preferences beyond that, so long as its cool i will vibe to it đŸŽĩ

I'm an ENTP! You can probably tell based on that that I really like debates and can be very annoying and stubborn sometimes (sorry about that, I promise I mean no malice) 😟

I'm Neurodivergent (Diagnosed with both ADHD and ASD). Please be understanding of that- sorry if I seem slow or insensitive or overly fixated on stuff I love or hyperactive or- honestly yeah sorry about most of my behaviours, I swear that they're not intentional and I'm probably not too terrible of a person once you look past them đŸĻˆ

I live in Australia. Please don't try to ask me where I'm from unless you want to give me a culturally induced mid-life crisis: I've lived in a lot of places over my lifespan and I'm not sure which one I identify myself with at this point ☚ī¸

Uh, that's about it! I don't know how often I'll be using this site but hopefully I can make blog posts every once in a while. Have a good day đŸĢ 

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omg your blog is immaculate

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