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How murder drones has gained glitch viewers in just a year

"> Yea glitch already had a fan base before m.d ever started so did Liam and everyone else however murder drones so far seems to be the most successful show on glitch productions at the moment now I will go into a deep dive because it's 3 am and I refuse to sleep 

If glitch doesn't make a season two it wouldn't be the best news for them

Basically Ive been researching and uh there other shows got 1 mil 2 mil which is great but let's check the veiws on EVERY murder drones EP and trailer

EP 1 pilot- 21million

EP 2 Heartbeat - 9.4million

EP 3 the promening - 9.9million

EP 4 cabin fever - 9.4milloon

EP 5 home - 6.3 million

EP 6 Dead end- 3.6million (ep 6 just came out so not gonna be as much)

What have we done season 1 teaser - 2.1mill

First murder drones trailer - 3.3million

Murder drones season one trailer - 2.3 mill

Don't look- 1.6 million

Did you miss me?- 1.9 million

Cabin fever_13 - 1.2 million

Wich is it better then the other trailer views

Merch vids

N wakes up as a marketable figure- 2.1mill

Plush Uzi wants to go to prom- 2.5 mill


Murder drones clip nice corpse house my guy - 1.5mill

What I'm saying is that this show is getting them more money and views then the other ones I am shocked it's getting less episodes then it's other shows 

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