woah, so liiike. this is my first blog! kinda new 2 this but i figured having a spacce where i cld b myself and gush abt my interest or life cld be good for me. XX things hav beeeeen... like kind of boring. i'm in dis ... situationship? situationfriendship? with this guy but i havent seen him in a while cuz he's going thru some stuff... </3 miss him but i'll keep positiv that i'll see him soon. recently i ordered a handful of clothes n various items cuz im liekkkk totally trying to re-do my room n wardrobe which, btw, is so costly.. kind of annoying but in due time i'll hav my dream room AND i'll look cool AF. i watched manlybadasshero play needy streamer overload 2day, i luv that game!!! but i took a break to take a nap lol. supr uneventful day, but on a good note, as i'm typing this i can hear thunder, so i think itz gnna rain and i luv the rain. my dog super hates it tho, so i gotta go comfort him now el oh el. i'll make another entry tomorrow nite mayb? ttyl xox

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UPDATE: woahhhhhh so like tht boy i mentioned!!!! he texted me aftr i posted this... is this .. manifestation!??! lol idk, maybe subconsciously

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