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one of my favourite ppl werent at school td :(

they're v cool but my friend/s don't like them cuz they're loud n stuff n i agree its irritating but i still think they're coooL!!!! :d 

but they weren't here td, they're an older grade so i only ever see them during art club after school 

miss them FRR!!!

EDIT from 25/8!! : also that day i saw somebody making generation loss fanart with watercolours in art club too its so silly i loved it so much (except they're friends with one of the people who r kind of weird, i dont mean it in a "ew omg theyre so weird eugh" way i mean it as in they openly talked abt triggering things infront of teachers + other things etc) and ive also met them before!! they were a new student last year so when they visited the schooli  shows them around :D but i havent spoken to them since outside of yesterdays interaction but it was still COOL nontheless 

thye mind find me anonying though cuz i was idk embarrassing when i met them n i couldnt say the word "generation loss" i kept stuttering um... whoopsie

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i think this is abt sade (too loud) :3

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yep!!! htehreh

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