my rose-scented beauty product list (+ blog layout test)

i haven't posted a blog in a while, but i've been getting more into skincare lately and wanted to talk a bit about my routine + products !! also, this is an excuse to test out my (rather clunky) current blog theme and see how it fares on a public blog ^_<

i rlly like to smell good and esp love rose/floral scents, so as i'm beginning to get more interested in beauty, i've been on the hunt for products that help me layer a rosy scent~ here's what i use rn :3

shampoo + conditioner

i use this pair of shampoo n conditioner from love beauty and planet!! its definitely not anything super fancy, but it smells rlly nice + its color safe for my dyed hair! i do like how the smell seems to last a while in my hair ^^

body wash
i use a combo of these two body washes!! lush rose jam is honestly my fav, it smells so sweet + has a lasting scent, but it's lush so its a bit pricy and they dont give you much >_> so i use rose jam when i have it but my typical body wash is method pure peace (u can get it at the grocery store so much more convenient + cheap lol). pure peace also smells really good dont get me wrong (reminds me of a refreshing flower shop~ aa~), but rose jam is my fav when i have the cash + can make the trip to lush LOL. both have a scent that smells super nice + lasts a decent bit


ok sooo this is victoria's secret so it sorta costs a lot (for me LOL) but i rlly like the smell~ lotion is hard to shop for for me cuz i feel like the cheaper scented stuff i'd usually go for always smells like air freshener -_- (looking at u bath and bodyworks). this stuff is more than id usually pay for a lotion but i do think it smells a bit more subtle and less cheap. the rose scent is strong but i still think its very natural + it doesnt smell like an old lady which is another issue i find w a lot of lotions lol. also very nice cooling texture ehehe....

i do wanna note that this isnt my main hydrating lotion tho!! it makes me feel real nice cuz it smells good + has a better texture for my sensory issues for everyday use BUT my hardcore lotion for my face + very dry skin (smth im prone to) is THIS BAD BOY!!!

this stuff works SO WELL for my dry skin n i love using it on my face cuz it makes my skin feel so soft n bouncy like a squishmallow LOL. it is unscented tho so ig its not part of the rose group but its still rlly good LOL. itd feel wrong to not include it cuz its the mvp lolol


ok so yea.... this is my one expensive luxury beauty product i allow myself after talking sm abt not overspending >_> viktor & rolf flowerbomb dew perfume!! its a fancy designer perfume so it costs a bit but i love the scent sm i just cannot resist......... its a very soft floral scent that just makes me feel very pretty !! i try and conserve it tho cuz buying it again feels like selling a kidney LOL. i also usually go for the lil travel tube for all my perfumes cuz then i can keep it in my bag and reapply if i feel i need to when i go out ^w^

ok thats it byebye. i also like to buy rose petal scent dove deodorant when i can but thats BORING!!! imo.

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