middle schoolers…

i’m helping my brother (6th grade) with online school and why is the chat in his zoom meetings So chaotic. they’re rick rolling eachother??? 

some of my fav quotes include

“by the power of tommyinnit”

“how do you send a chat” and the response, “you just sent one.”

“hi :3”

“how does the teacher know me”

“i’m a minecraftian.”

“am i on the video feed” WHAT 11 YR OLD SAYS VIDEO FEED. 

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i miss middle school like this :[ in general, the silly things sound so fun i want it back NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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“how do i send a chat”

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Articulo Mortis

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skskasxhxhaahah I remember having 2 go tru gr6 online 2 and one of my classmates blasted cupcake (that cpr song) in a group meeting but only like 2 or 3 were enjoying it and me and one guy just sat there waiting to be assigned smth ahahahshhxahshdsahdaduhsaudheufhdajbcda

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BAHAHAHA middle schoolrs r so unhinged

by aaron!!!!! 💥💥; ; Report