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DREAMS AND SHIFTS (a list of my dreams/shifts I remember)

I have dreams apparently! So I'll document them here. I'll also put my shift experiences here too!


Dream 1

When I slept the second time today and was in my dream, I punched the wall bc my mom was telling me that I was getting kicked out of my sister's house and when I punched the wall, there were stuff inside and my mom didn't really care, but I was taking all the cool stuff I found in there.

Then I don't remember what else but then we fast forward to me being outside, I saw a school bus and decided to go on it, and once everyone was settled in the place they were going to be, they gave soda. Then they had these stickers that will confirm that you're apart of the group and they wrote it down and put it in. But I wasn't a student. So I put a "name" (it was Rae Hunt... Why did I use my friends name?). And as they were typing it in the machine, I ran out and escaped thru one of those emergency doors (which btw it was already open and the alarm wasn't going off). Then I eventually made it to my house and into my room, and....

I woke up.


Dream 2

I was fighting and protecting my old school and I was fighting with a spider man character. And when we saved the day he revealed to be a older gentleman and apparently I loved him so we when to his house and hanged out, then apparently my mom was there and living there and that's when I woke up.


Dream 3

I took a nap today and in my dream, I lived in a cruddy house that looked old and used a lot.

I'm suggesting that I was new in the town because they were warning me and my friends I lived with that there's a "cake woman" trying to get into people's houses and eat them. 

If you deny her entry, she'll leave. 40% she'll leave you alone, the other 60% will be life threatening because you're her next target. But if you do agree with her coming in she'll walk in pretending that she'll wait until your doors closed and start devouring you, and/or make you into a cake.

Her vibe was uncanny and scary, she wears a face that's supposed to make her more human and it's sorta peeling off. 


Shift 1

i remember seeing light and then seeing my room, and i felt everything, my room had most things i already had, then i went and explored around my house, saw some of my dogs, they felt so real! then i went back to my room and said my main lines that i put in my script i made, and came back to my world!!


Dream 4

I lived in a house and some people were living with me and it was a huge house, I had my own bathroom and had to go to a school.

Then a frog on spacehey was giving me threats and found me and started chasing me because I was going to kill him and he was going to kill me so we did a parkour chase and so while he was chasing me I went back and grabbed my weapon I was going to use to kill him and I killed him.


Dream 5

This one's hard to explain but I think I was in a prison and was trying to escape but a girl saw me trying to and she apparently helped me? And then once we escaped we were in somewhere and hidden, she made me remember how we did it but I wasn't finished with doing it because my aunt woke me up to let me know they were going somewhere.


Dream 6

I had a dream where Violent J had a clown item pawn shop and when it was your birthday, you can get a cool birthday picture. Shaggy sometimes will be a part of the clown shop. They also had several service animals to help with the shop too.


Dream 7

I was with this family and lived with them for most of my life and I discovered that this family I was with was not my bio family. So I packed my shit and started walking.

Thats all I really remember.


Dream 8

I was looking through my grandpa's book shelf with his books and he had this book of a ritual that can make your own character real, you just had to lock your door to stay safe, since this was dark/satanic crafting. I thought of doing 2 people, Lamb or Slenderman.


Dream 9

I had this dream about a new Spacehey platform that An made for protection reasons and for some reason he hated my little pony and made a whole deal about it. But I was the one asking if I could add some mlp things in my profile, and he went and made a video of why mlp was bad. Everyone went after him for it.


Dream 10

I don't remember a whole lot in this one but my teeth were breaking and falling out.


Dream 11

I had this dream where Trixie Mattel was talking about their experience with mean and rude girls laughing at them while they were making food for them. So once Trixie was finished, they took the whole thing of food for themselves and said, "sorry Hun" and walks off.

(Btw I was half asleep while writing this and I don't know what I meant, just take it lmao)


Dream 12

Apparently I was working on the news on TV and I sucked at it

(Literally that's it)


Dream 13

I had a dream where these random ass people had beef with me and my roommates(?) and so they break in and trash the place and destroy everything while I was recording everything.


Dream 14

This dream, I was raggedy Ann and I was on this mean job. But then, I got to own the place, so I started working on making the food place better, everyone was making me hungry due to them making seafood.


Dreams/shifts are wild! Lol

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