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☆─── ⋆⋅08/22/23⋅⋆ ──☆

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heeey blog ⋆。°✩

this is going to be a short blog because i'm kinda upset rn LMAO.

sooo, i had a decent day. i got over 60% in my book today for college !!

i moved my clothes into a big vacuum seal bag and i'm going to clean some clothes and pack the rest this weekend <3

i didn't do much, but that was fine with me today, surprisingly !!\

i stayed in my deficit and worked out and showered :D

i been upset for about an hour because i scrolled through my bf's following and he is following so many women that look nothing like me and when i asked him why he even follows them he said, 'i really don't know"

i'm upset because he didn't have no reason. he just follows naked girls for fun. i really love myself though and refuse to change myself to those women. i just put my phone on dnd and i'm going to do things that make me happy because i deserve it.

sorry i'm not as active on here,, i'm not online a lot,, but the days i am, I GO CRAZY LOLOL.

anyways, gonna chill the rest of the night. i love you moots and goodnighttt <3

ᶻ 𝗓 𐰁

okay byeee ~ -͟͟͞☆

[no pics today, sorry :( so here's a photo of a hamster instead!]

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