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5 Random Obscure Music Pieces Ive Found

Obscurity Level is on a ranking of 1-10

(1 being not too obscure and 10 being No One Knows About This)

Gold Line - Weapons of the Future

accidentally found this EP whilst going through bandcamp one day in 2022, I thought it sounded cool so I downloaded it and forgot about it, then rediscovered it!

Obscurity Level - [10]

Raccoon Tour - The Dentonweaver

A friend sent me this album one day and I thought it was rad as hell, would not have known about it if it wasnt for them

Obscurity Level - [4]

Honorary Astronaut - EP.001

A side solo project of the frontman for the band "The Dear Hunter" im not a fan of them but I got recommended this EP and the style was just IMMACULATE, I use their art for my layout!

Obscurity Level - [3]

Raven Underground - The War for Bohemia

AN INSANELY GOOD ALBUM THAT NO ONE KNOWS ABOUT!!!! ITS GENUINELY SO GOOD, the guy has a popular song called "Terror Nights" but all the other tracks are also bangers!!! genuinely one of my favorite artists of all time

Obscurity Level - [9]

The Real Zebos - Strictly Platonic.

another album that ive found accidentally, sometimes these guys would randomly pop up after i would listen to tally hall, (and apparently they were inspired by them!) I listened to the full album and i thought it was gnarly

Obscurity Level - [5]


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