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**** Update Google Interview and waiting to hear back from Hiring Manager

I haven't shared this with many people only because I don't want to jinx myself or have my expectations evaporate in a millisecond. Right now I am interviewing with Google and the suspense is low key driving me crazy. It was last Monday that put me through 3 interviews and was passed on to the Hiring Manager for the site here in my town. OMG...had to wait through the weekend and today is Tuesday. Really doing my best to stay level headed, cool, clam and collected about the prospect of working for and with such a great company. This opportunity will change my life forever and living in the possibility has been almost good enough. 

This step is a natural progression of working on machines. I started out as a phone tech then went to work at a casino as a gaming machine tech and the obvious next step is large systems. The fact that they reached out and have me interview was shocking, however it does make sense. 

Before the invitation to interview I have been on Worker's Comp for almost 3 months now and I had to fill my time with something because my brain started to melt from so much from non-activity. So, I decided to take some courses on Coursera. I took the IBM and Google classes and got my certificates and while working on them a Google Recruiter reached out. He had seen that I applied for a position previously and wanted to know if I was still interested in working for them. Ummmm....yes I was lol. He prepped me for what seemed like a gauntlet of interviews. I never studied that hard for a interview in my life. I was cramming my head with all sorts of information about computers, systems, learning what to expect, how to answer questions mind was exhausted.

Finally, Monday comes and the interviews start at 10am and last for 45 minutes each at 3 rounds. This was intense. I had about a week to prepare myself and looking back maybe I could have used another couple of days, but I couldn't let this opportunity pass me by. To my surprise the interviews went fine although I was very critical of myself and wrote how I felt to my recruiter. Sometimes self sabotage likes to sneak in, but it didn't win this time!

Now I'm playing the waiting game and checking my email every hour on the hour. Still collecting my small checks and ready to change the world. There are some many things I want to do and this career path can make that happen. Life has taught me to not put all my eggs in one basket, so if Google doesn't work out there is a backup plan in place. It is nice to sit in the realm of a possible yes and not in the ''no'' area. Trying not to hype myself up too much, but it is an accomplishment for me personally to see how far I have come since working in the field of tech. With the experience and the motivation to keep learning I have gained so much knowledge about computers and systems. I am still learning. Since becoming familiar with code I am on a quest to build my first website. The possibilities are endless and I have been thing about what I want to build specifically. 

Anyway, I will keep my cool and stay grounded. Just wanted to share in hopes to start a conversation and maybe work together on a project with likeminded people. Wish me luck. 


My Spidey senses were tingling and I decided to email my recruiter and right on que she said she has just got word that the Hiring Manager wants to do a ''Fit call" with me. Gotta look that up. All my days....This needs to be resolved...just let me on the team coach! lol I believe I have what it takes to do the job and I will prove it the to manager. Keep ya posted.

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