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the woes of writer's block | 8.21.2023


i'm currently in the process of writing a play that's going to be produced, which is a big deal for me. i've written plays of course, and i've had a few small one-acts produced, but i've never had a full production of any of my work before. this is exciting as much as it is daunting, and i'm very much looking forward to it!

the problem is, i feel like i can't nail down a solid concept that makes me excited to write. comedy is my strong suit. i'm good at making wacky, borderline surreal worlds with ridiculous characters, and there's nothing wrong with that. but i really want to write a drama for once, something that specifically deals with the concept of moving on to a new chapter, even when it's painful. 

i have a pretty decent jumping off point in terms of time period, but in a way, i'm worried that i'm already married to the little ideas that i have that makes the idea of actually tackling the project hard to do, if that makes sense? like, the aesthetic is there. i can "see" it in my head, but i don't entirely know what the story is yet. and i have a month to start my first draft. 

does anyone else experience this? does anyone have any advice? if you do, please drop a comment! i'd like to see some different perspectives on this. 

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