Back on my (trying to get my $4!7 together) BS

Would be a lot easier if the other adult in the household would get their $4!7 together as well, or at least prioritize their actual family over friends and games.

Anyway, trying a new morning routine since things have stabilized some for the moment

7am Wake up
7:01 Leave the phone and vape alone

7:02 Drink water

7:05 Make beds

7:10 Brush teeth and wash face

7:25 Get dressed

7:30 Brush hair

8am Breakfast at nana's

8:30-9am Daycare

-Come back home-
Nothing really needs times after this other than to mess up my brain

Physical training

Shower and hygiene



Plan day (if not done the night before)


Mental training

Planning to work on a better nighttime routine tomorrow. I crave structure and stability, and can't handle my kids going through the struggles of living in absolutely chaos all the time like I had to. The other adult is either going to have to step up or step out of my way, because I absolutely refuse to live like my mother

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