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☆─── ⋆⋅08/21/23⋅⋆ ──☆

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heeey blog ⋆。°✩

today was a pretty okay day. i got no sleep last night because i been eating spicy food the past 3 days and now it caught up to me. i officially broke up with spicy food </3. it was really hard tbh, but it needed to get done. i have a really sensitive stomach and i can't do ANYTHING, sotoday, i been recovering from last night and the spicy food. my tummy is just in so much pain.

all i did was read my book for college [over 50% now] and relaxed. i just haven't been feeling well..

my lovely bf went to his first day of college and is now at work and i miss my pook :(

10 more days till i move in,, as soon as my tummy ache subsides, i'll get back to packing :)

alright,, not much to say since i didn't do anything, don't even wanna eat or workout fr.

as soon as i ate i took a 3 hr nap and been up for about 1 hr 1/2 now [finally got some sleep]

i think i'm going to take a shower and just relax rest of the night and not put so much on myself. just gotta recover from this :/ NO MORE SPICY FOOOOOD </3

ᶻ 𝗓 𐰁

okay byeee ~ -͟͟͞☆

[pics from today!] [took these rn for you guys :D]

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