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Anime/Manga Review 1 - Nichijou


Want to get/re-get into anime or mangas?

Want to watch an anime or read a manga while your favorite one is on hiatus?

Or maybe you've just finished it?

Then you're in the right place!

I'll (try) to regularly review and recommand you an anime or manga to you!

First we'll start with a fairly popular manga that was adapted into an anime but only 7 out of 11 volume we're adapted into an anime.

Nichijou/Everyday Life

Slice of Life, comedy, for pretty much everyone.

What is it in general?

Nichijou is a comedic slice of life anime. It mostly has a fast pace that i think is well executed.

The timing of the jokes are perfect and most of them are funny and unexpected. But some jokes reference japanese culture so you might not really get it. it really is hit or miss but most of the time it's hit.

What is it about?

Nichijou mostly follows the everyday life of 3 high school and a very odd family

The high schoolers consists of:

The idiot

The normal girl/straight man

The quiet girl

The odd family consists of:

A genius professor 8 year

A teenage robot that was invented by the 8 year old and wishes to be a real human

A black talking cat in it's 30s (?) trying to act like the adults but fails to do so.

Now you can see how different they are.

One is well, odd and one is just normal, yet the normal ones seems to find themselves in the weirdest situations and the weirdest ones in the most normal ones. But even if they are weird situations they're still kinda normal situations exagerated in the end..

But the weirdest situations will go to the side characters..

The principal wrestling a deer..?

A girl that has more guns than the US army

An elegant but poor guy that rides a goat named after him to go to school??

igo SOCCER club???

The science teacher hunting down the robot girl in various ways???

And there's a lot, lot more..

Manga or Anime?


But not everything was adapted so after the 27th episode you should read Vol 7.

But some chapters before Vol 7 weren't adapted too.

But the sometimes manga reminds me of the older mangas or anime.

Especially with it's new artstlyle (See Vol 11)

Is it still going on?

The anime is dead and there is almost no chance of it receiving a S2

But the manga is still active.

It originally stopped in 2015 but was taken back in 2021.

It's published in the monthly shonen ace and Volume 11 will be released in english in atleast 1 or 2 week.

As of now three chapters beyond volume 11 were unofficially translated, on MangaDex.

Something similar?

CITY (Arawi Keiichi)

-A manga by the same author i will cover that one in the future but just imagine Nichijou but better

Asobi Asobase

-Nichijou but shoujo

Azumanga Daioh

-Azumanga Daioh is slow paced and it's jokes are not as absurd but if you like nichijou, you'll like Azumanga Daioh too.

Daily lives of high school boys

-It's more an anime made to be relatable to boys and men, but still a little similar to Nichijou

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