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I know there's literally a place on my main profile called, "About me". But you can't really write much there. It looks all clumped up and crappy. I should probably get into my layout and change 'about me' to something else.


I'm in my 30's and I'm here because I was on the original myspace. It's like there are two separate groups here who never talk to each other... teenagers, and the people who are 30+ who used this back in 2006. If I'm in a group I guess it's the older group. Because I'm older.

I'm an intp who is reclusive in real life. I'm very prone to depression and have moderate social anxiety. I was on meds for a few years, but 18 months ago I told my psychiatrist, "Thanks but no thanks", got off the meds, and cured myself by exercising a whole bunch and running a million miles. I mean, sort of cured myself. Close enough for me. So based on my background I really like trying to help people who have depression and think the mental community fails them miserably.

I live in the USA but I moved here when I was 10 from the UK. I'm still not convinced I like it here to tell the truth, but the UK has changed a good deal since I was growing up so I'm not sure where I would like to live.

I guess I can write about my likes and so on in the appropriate places on my profile. I'm just winging it here.

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