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the vampire game i found.

ㅤㅤㅤhave you ever wanted to become a vampire? let me put it even simplier: have you ever wanted to get yourself a vampire character, but didn't know where to start and which setting to choose, and all themed games take too much time? then Vampires! The Dark Alleyway is created just for you.

ㅤㅤㅤRavenBlack City exists in a realm side by side with our own, adjacent but not quite separate. diverse in citizenship, it is made up of primarily vampires and humans. 

ㅤㅤㅤthe game started in 2002 as a simple biter link that you sent via email like a chain letter. eventually it was developed into a city grid with characters that could be built up. shortly after that a large RP community popped up within the game and built up a whole fan run, text based, world around the city. the game now lives and thrives through this fictional universe they have built which includes shops,restaurants, newspapers, family houses, wars, events and everything any other universe might have.

ㅤㅤㅤwhile the object of the game varies, it tends to follow along the same lines for most players: get fully powered, rise in blood rank, and join a powerful clan that'll defend its members against attacks. city politics are often fierce and it's rare for a night to pass without someone being attacked for opening their mouth at the wrong time. but the city also has a gentler side. there exists a hall of binding where companionships are formed between lovers wishing to bind in blood. the shops provide such romantic items as roses and diamond rings that may be exchanged between friends and lovers alike. the same hall of binding also permits the siring of existing players, which allows for the formation of family units that many times act in similar manner as a clan. true to life (or unlife, rather) however, there is also a hall of severance in case these relationships don't work out. wandering through the streets of the night city, you will learn many new secrets, fight with hunters, werewolves and palladins, as well as meet new non-people who are always ready to help.

ㅤㅤㅤin my humble opinion, this place is a worthy basis for fun and good storytelling. it will be several times more fun to play with friends, so tell them about this game, and...

let me turn you into a vampire.

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some aid for starters, i wish i had earlier:

a general guide about the game with almost everything simply explained

a whole map of a town (it's huge! use magma artdesk site to put dots on it to locate yourself and your friends at real time)

where to find shops and guilds!

hope it helps, feel free to ask anything!

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⋆˚࿔ van 𝜗𝜚˚⋆

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this game seems really neat!! i haven't played any text-based mmorpgs before, but they seem like a cool type of game that started in the internet past ^^ joined using ur link!

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hope you'll have fun! if you have any questions you can always im me c:

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oh i love this!

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glad you like it!!! have fun!

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