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dni list ☆


i don't really care. 

well, basic things like homophobic, transphobic, MAP, etc. basic dni, but idc if you're islamophobic.

(and what are you even doing on spacehey if you're someone from those? you're almost at everyone's dni list.)

almost everybody can interact, no matter if you use xenogenders, or you're a therian, fictionkin, otherkin and stuff, unless you're a weird in a bad way person. my point about those things i listed - i don't really understand this, but whatever if it makes you happy. im not used to judge.

if you're a stoner it's 50/50 chance that i'll accept your friend request. i usually dont like stoners. and genshin addicts... i dont really like em either.

sooo if i wouldnt like to see you in my friend list i'll just unfriend you. that's simple.

(but if you hate chae yul from secret alliance or randall from ranfren we have nothing to talk about ‹/𝟹 /hj)

other question is, would you like to interact with me?/hj

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