It's been 5 hours since I sent the msg that I wanted to break up with him...I think it's hitting me. Ik he didn't text me. Ik he didn't compliment me. Ik he didn't know my worth. Ik he didn't care about me. Ik he wasn't into me. Ik he lost interest. Ik he wouldn't change for me. So why do I want to cry over a guy who never cared. It wasn't hard to send the msg bc I was on call with my friend. Yet once the call ended, I thought to myself "why did I even send that". I love him. It truly hurts. I cried everyday though just awaiting a sweet thing from him. Nothing. My compliments to him meant nothing. My words meant nothing. My poems to him meant nothing. Everything meant nothing. I tried so hard for someone who wouldn't return some love to me. I know my worth. I know I'm worth so much more than someone who can't fix themselves for me even if they start slow. But he didn't even take a step. I wish to stay with him. But I'm sure he didn't want me. I can't just wait years for him to fix himself just cause he doesnt feel like it and if he did by then I'll lose all my tears for him. I would love him but in way where ill never understand. I truly believe that if a man loves you he'll move mountains for you. But he didn't even try. He didn't take his time. He said he couldn't committe but a simple person knows how, even a child would know how. I just hope he doesn't make it difficult for me to leave. 

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I'm sorry, I know I'm just a stranger but sending you virtual hugs if you need it! It's been days since you posted this, hope you feel better now. Sometimes we need to make compromises but it's not okay if you're always the one who did that. I hope someday you find someone that knows your worth, appreciative towards any little sweet gesture you do and most important of all, loves you for being you! 🌠

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Tysmmmm ily<3 , and I am feeling way better! Slowly but surely tysm for this comment, helps a lot!

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