Possibly a spirit .

So this literally has taken me a day to fully process what I saw. I thought I was hallucinating at first till I picked up the objects and physically touched them. 

Around 12:30 yesterday I was at home watching my kids and my roommates while their mom ran and did errands. Well I was sitting in the kitchen at a small desk we have and was zoning out on the wall when I watched this Angel prayer picture frame fly off the bookshelf and fall mid air on the ground . 

It took be about two seconds after it fell and made a huge noise to react. All I could say for a bout a moment was NO WHOA . Like I said I thought I was hallucinating and tripping but I went and picked it up .  

Now this isn’t the first time something weird has happened here but my roommate said the picture frame belonged to her ex’s grandma . So idk if that’s relevant but it still I tripping me out ..

Side note the frame is pretty heavy , and didn’t bounce when it fell it was a solid drop . 

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