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boyyy was today a day. i started the morning off at 8:30 am, scrambling to use the bathroom before the painters come. i tried to go back to sleep, but couldn't, and then i had the worst stomach pain of my life, then i realized,, i ate spicy food yesterday and it's coming back to bite me. i fought off the pain for 2 hrs, but once news broke out that the painters will going to be at my house all day my stomach let loose. my family and i ended up getting ready super duper fast and we ran to target, but let me tell you, that target bathroom was AMAZINGG. there was music going, i found a clean toilet with stocked toilet paper, BOY I WAS SET. i felt so much better :D then we went to grab jimmy john's and it HITTT because by then it was the afternoon and none of us have eaten.

after, we dropped my brother and dad back home and me & my mom went to pick up some clothes at my wela's house [grandma]. i came across a guy i knew from middle school [THE DAY I LOOKED LIKE A BUM CAUSE I COULDN'T SHOWER OR GET READY NICE] and he kept staring at me and my mom wouldn't let me in my wela's house because she wanted to smoke,, bro i wanted to shrivel up and die. WHEN WE FINALLY WENT INSIDE, i sorted the clothes that i liked and wanted to take home and my wela called me "una gordita" after she noticed my body and seen that i looked bigger [bro i'm literally bloated my stomach was f'd and i just got off my period] and i was lowkey upset. i vouched to go workout after i got back home,, it triggered me so much. no matter what i do with my body, everyone is just going to comment on it, and i accepted that. as long as i'm comfortable with MY body, we're okay, and to be honest, i'm not okay with my body, so i got back to tracking my calories and being mindful of what i eat..

anyways, we ended up running errands for my wela and SHE SCRATCHED OUR CAR DOOR. omg it was so painful to hear. my dad is gonna lose is when he sees but oh well. we finally got back home,, and the painters were finishing up :D. i did some coding and took a nap and then we ordered pizza while my dad deep cleaned the whole house because he's a neat-freak.

we ate, i tried on the clothes i picked out,, 90% of the jeans didn't fit and i didn't like 2 tops. it made me feel big and gave me war flashbacks to when i was 12 yrs old. i only took some black leather shorts, 2 khaki jeans, a tiny throw-over, and 2 sweaters.

then i worked out [i vouched] for 30 minutes and i just got out the shower and got ready for bed!! now,, i have to go through ALL my clothes to see what i'm going to give away tomorrow to my cousin so she can give my clothes to someone else LOL.

despite all the messes today, i had a great, tiring day.

now, i will put some clothes on, sort out all my clothes, do my hair, and get ready for bed :)

tmrw, i will start packing some clothes :// [moving out in 12 days </3]

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okay byeee ~ -͟͟͞☆

[pics from today!]

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