Sonic AU (Death of a Shooting Star) plans - SONIC FRONTIERS SPOILERS

i have an AU in the works named Death of a Shooting Star, and i wanna discuss my plans for it! as mentioned in the title, it has spoilers for sonic frontiers, as it features an alternate ending and the aftermath, so preferably don't read if you don't want spoilers!

Summary: When it seems that the End can't be defeated, Sonic still refuses to give up, so he asks Sage to use Supreme's gun-like weapon to destroy the End. They are successful, but Sonic presumably dies, with nothing left behind as the Chaos Emeralds scatter yet again.

Despite this, his friends want to maintain his legacy, and so they go after the Chaos Emeralds, since, with the Blue Blur now gone, dominating the world seems like child's play for Eggman. Yet, when the newly formed team composed of Amy, Knuckles, Tails, Team Dark, Silver and a defected Sage discover the first Chaos Emerald, they realize there is a chance to bring Sonic back.

my plan for this AU is to present it through different media. i'm first writing it in its entirety, then going to create art, comics, with music being a possibility and a Frontiers mod being a bit too ambitious right now, since i'm just one dude

the art is going to be similar to comic book covers for each chapter, besides certain scenes coming with an illustration. other parts will be shown through comics, so that i can get the idea across more easily

the music will be character themes, with most being remixes, while certain characters will get fully original tracks/lyrics. of course, i am no pro and lack all the equipment, so we'll see

i will also make some bonus content that is not required, but adds to the characters and offers lighthearted moments

anyway, i'm excited about working on it, as it is a v ambitious project of mine, and i wanna achieve all the ideas and plans i had for it! on the other hand, it's gonna be hard bc of my irl situation, so it might take a long while to finish it, but that's ok

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This sounds so coolll

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