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Stolen Survey

Name: Evan

nickname: Don’t have one because my name’s already so concise and descriptive of me

zodiac sign: Pisces

height: 177CM 5’10

what's your middle name?: Irwin

shoes you wore today: Vans half cab

your weakness: Spending all my money on cds

your fear: Not living up to my own expectations probably

goal you would like to achieve this year: Get all my senior work done

best physical feature: I have a nice neck I think, I like my hair aswell

who is your bestest friend?: Jasper, Kade, Ryan, Connor, Char, My sister, Lyra

your most cherished memory: Anytime I have ever talked to my friends

pepsi or coke?: Neither

mcdonalds or burger king?: Burger king (HUNGRY JACKS)

single or group dates?: Single probably

what is the last song you sang?: Dreamer - Ghost Town

does playing the guitar make a person more attractive?: I guess so. I like any instrument

have you ever drank?: Every day for the last two months

have you ever been drunk?: Every day for the last two months

have you ever smoked?: Weed or cigarettes? Yes to both, soon meth

do you sing?: Yes and I’m amazing, nobody but the posters on my walls hear though

do you want to go to college?: YESSIR I am a certified genius call me young sheldon

have you ever been in love?: God with everyone, Life’s too short not to love ten thousand people at a time

do you want to get married?: I guess so, I don’t particularly want a wedding though

do you believe in yourself?: Hell yes, I believe in myself more than anyone else will

do you believe in others?: Of course, don’t we all? It’s programmed into our brains to believe in others

do you like thunderstorms?: Sure I think they’re pretty cool

do you play an instrument?: Piano

what country would you like to visit?: Canada most of all, I’d like to live there

how many CDs do you own?: I think like 40+ on my cd rack right now

how many DVDs do you own?: Five, Pineapple Express, Superbad, Fight Club, Big Daddy, Grown ups.

how many tattoos do you have?: None but I want some on my forearms

how many piercings do you have?: None but I want my eyebrow done

how many things in the past do you regret?: Every night when I lay down to sleep I regret everything I’ve ever done


shoes: Adidas superstar black and Vans half cab

drink: Mountain dew 

place: The zoo

song: Any song on Misadventures by Pierce The Veil, Dreamer by Ghost Town, Massacre by Ghost Town, Off with her head by Ghost Town

movie: Brokeback Mountain

Colour: Blue

meal: Beef burrito with a mountain dew bruh

in a person

eye colour: Doesn’t matter to me

hair colour: I like natural colours more than dyed ones

short or long hair: Longer but not too long

body type: Doesn’t matter to me

ethnicity: Doesn’t matter to me

piercings: I don’t mind but nipple piercings are cool HAHHA

tattoos: Cool to have them

do you think you are attractive?: I’m not-not attractive so maybe

cuddles in general?: Important 

what time is it?: 6:37 PM

what are you listening to?: Paranormal love by Ghost Town

is it raining?: No but it was pretty hard last night

how many spacehey friends do you have?: 138

are you happy?: Right now pretty much

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Awful Terrible Dreadful

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evan this is wonderful

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