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☆─── ⋆⋅08/18/23⋅⋆ ──☆

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heeey blog ⋆。°✩

today, i was out for a minute!!

since my landlord decided to raise our rent by 200, my mom demanded for some changes in the house, so he came in to add a fan and other light to our bathroom, paint our bathroom, and fix the light and outlet in our kitchen!!

while he & the electrician did that, my mom, my brother, and i headed out to go pick up his schedule for school! i did the paperwork while my mom & brother walked around. after, we went to go eat at mr. subs [first time trying it] and it was decent!!

we came back home, and picked up my father so he can get his car from the mechanics and we headed back home pt.2 

we went through some memories in the garage [a bunch of old toys] and then i stayed in my room until my landlord and the electrician left!

my tio got me some stuff for college and i'm so grateful!! i got...

  • a backpack
  • shower shoes
  • mesh laundry bags for delicates
  • & hangers!!

i changed my layout a lil bit and been on spacehey since LOL.

i just got finished eating :D

now,, i'm going to do my duolingo and chill the rest of the night!

tmrw, when my house gets repainted, my mom & i might have a girls day!! <3

ᶻ 𝗓 𐰁

okay byeee ~ -͟͟͞☆

[some pics from today]

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