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quinninhell introduction!!! (+ photos of me)

hihi! my name is quinn, welcome to my intro!! :3

general info:

i'm unlabeled but i feel comfortable with he/it pronouns, i'm 5'1 (sorry), i'm a minor, i have the attention span of a fly, and and and...i forgor


  • alternative fashion such as emo, scene, goth (trad and romantic goth are my favs), punk, and gyaru!! i may not be apart of all of those subcultures named, but they interest me nonetheless. 
  • MUSIC MUSIC MUSIC!! i love a very wide range of music such as but not limited to: 
90's grunge


midwest emo



post hardcore

nu metal


alternative indie


new wave/dark wave

dream pop

diy emo


psychedelic rock

surf punk

(some) soundcloud rap

1920's ballroom music (lol)

japanese bossa nova!!

  • local shows! i love moshing, meeting new people, and connecting to music. playing in a band is one of my current goals! i play guitar and i’m learning how to scream!!
  • writing and poetry! one of my favorite ways to express myself is through writing :3 
  • reading books, studies, articles, really anything that holds my interest. i would love to have a job where i could write scientific studies.
  • the stars, the moon, space!! i take pictures of the moon every time it’s full :D
  • pokémon/nintendo in general!! i used to play alpha sapphire chronically as a kid and it’s my favorite pokémon game to this day (other than 4th gen diamond probably)
  • collecting things such as:


drink tabs


trinkets :3



  • endless talks about things that matter!! i will love you if you talk about something meaningful, i’m really not one for small talk T_T i love discussing big ideas like infinity, the question of why, and any principle of religion/philosophy!!
  • love!! i really like talking about the idea of affection and human connection :3

that’s all i can think of right now, but i’ll be sure to update as i think of things!! thank you for reading if you did ^_^

photos of me: 

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Attention span of a fly ? I disagree. You have a world within you waiting to give it wings. Give yourself a chance ...!👍🏆

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my inner world is very confusing but i think there are some things that are worthwhile!! it’s a little hard to focus when my brain feels like it’s a mess of cobwebs..i do what i can ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

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