no more work!

Sorry I haven't been able to give updates the past few days! Last 2 shifts were basically the same. I just worked in pharmacy and there was a shit ton of totes so I didn't even get to zone those 2 days!

BUT today was my last day! It was very chill and I had fun and I was happy. Not much freight. Literally nothing to complain about. I got to stock my favorite aisle. Feels weird saying this considering how miserable I was sometimes but I am going to miss stocking that aisle so bad...I might just miss this job in general. But the weird fucked up sleepng schedule got to me soooo bad sometimes oghh. 

I feel like I was actually just getting used to working there and the ups and downs of whatever. However, school is starting on Monday so it won't be possible for me to attend community college full time while also working an overnight shift full time.

I have to reset my sleeping schedule so I'm just staying up until around 9pm or so. Whenever I feel like sleeping around that time LOL.

Sigh... Another un-work-related life update is that I'm no longer being kicked out!

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