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int list !!!

Mlp fans, ddlc fans, fnaf fans, creepypasta fans, slenderverse fans, j-horror fans, slasher fans, horror in general fans, hannibal (movie or series) fans, twf fans, dc or marvel fans, minecraft / mcyt fans (as long as u dont go too far), cuphead fans?? 

(might add more to this)


I'm honestly not really bothered about age but maybe just keep it like over 10 and below 25 and dont be too weird as im a minor (15) 

Music taste

Honestly anyone who has the same music taste as me is fine!! ofc i dont have everything displayed out there but i have my spotify linked too!!! 

Style / Aesthetic

Scene, emo, goth, gyaru, 2000s, y2k.. tbh those are my main ones but anyone can always interact no matter the style


I'm also not too fussed about religion!! Just know I'm a satanist and you dont mind that then thats fine! Just don't force your own religion on me, that's a big no..

Reminder that I'm also a furry, otherkin, fictionkin, therian and lots of other labels!! I don't mind answering questions about any of these!!! I'm also lgbtq+ friendly, as I'm in that community and i use neopronouns + xenogenders. 

I'm undiagnosed autistic too so please be careful!! 

But I think thats it? I'll edit this when I need too!!

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