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so uhh how about that lolcow thread huh

this one refers to the lolcowies for calling me and my friends (who are all trans, mind you, we've all been making trans characters for years) terfs for making a website for our silly lil fake gender anime, implying that we're groomers because the person who reported their little circlejerk to us happened to be a minor, and then proceeding to misgender the shit out of that kid. we've nothing to prove to these people who use words like "troon" and "gendie", which what the fuck does "gendie" even mean? they're accusing me of having a gender? they're gonna come to a place that trans people have carved out for ourselves as a place to have fun in an unfiction space just to make fun of us for doing what we do away from them? they were the ones who came here and looked at it. they shouldn't get mad at us for shoving it in their faces; they should get mad at themselves for shoving it in their own faces. they're the ones who continued to look at it to the point where they found my personal website. they didn't even fucking click on the button that would have taken them right there. they typed in my username from the footer of the website.

please for the love of fuck i am begging these people to get a better hobby. i hope mccarthyism takes a hold of whatever "friend" group they have in these hateful spaces to the point where they can't make any meaningful connections with anyone because they can't stand the thought of those people having let a trans person fucking breathe in this godforsaken world. the prettiest person among them is still uglier than the ugliest trans person that they mock daily. but we're the delusional ones for living as our best selves while they think they have an actual community? gimme a break, they're so ready to lash out at each other for even the smallest things.

am i just feeding the trolls? maybe. but i've had enough of this shit in my life that i just need to vent about it somewhere. between constantly seeing my community be scapegoated by the real pedophiles that i was twice a victim of myself and wondering if i'm going to have to uproot my entire life again right after i just got settled back down in a seemingly safer place, i think i'm a little bit justified in my anger towards these "people". if all they've got's ad hominems and slippery slopes, then that's not an argument that can be met with education. we're past the point where any of these people are misinformed. they know full well what they're doing.

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