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☆─── ⋆⋅08/15/23⋅⋆ ──☆

⌗9:30 pm ★ 

writing this blog early because i'm going to the movies with my boyfriend right now. ngl, i'm in a really bad mood and don't wanna go, but let's see how i feel after...

i'm just writing this right now because i may get home super late and i really like my blogs to be posted ON the day i say it's on LOL.. 

okay byeee ~ <3 [will update]

⌗11:37 am ★ 

i got back around 1 am, and i was just not going to update my blog, i was SOOO tired, but now i'm up and started my day!

soooo...it went great. NGL, as soon as he texted me that he was here to pick me up, i got so happy. all the anger flew out the window. we watched the new ninja turtle movie [it was actually good and so funny], and then we grabbed some late night food and he dropped me off. it was great. the movies i go to have recliner seats AND seat warmers which i love SO SO much. makes the experience 10x better imo.

so, yeah, i had a great night! as for my entire day, again, didn't do much, but i did do math and make my dorm list and my tio & brother bought some stuff for me. :)

it did become a great day just because my bf came to see me after work :D

alright this is the end

okay byeee ~ <3

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