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sprite edits and more! (last update: 03/06/24 7:05 AM CST)

i dont think ive mentioned it before, but i like to edit sprites! so far ive randomly edited sprites for Needy Streamer Overload (mostly), Danganronpa, OMORI, Deltarune and some other things i really like. im going to dump a lot of the stuff ive made, going kind of in order of which fandoms are my top fandoms or which i have the most edits of. ive posted a lot of my edits on discord or to friends already, but literally no where else. and since this place is so nice and i really like it, why not catalogue stuff here? anyways, here goes nothing, this will be very long lol. enjoy anyways! 

TCoAaL sprite edits:

TCoAaL transparent edits:

TCoAaL "live andrew reaction" meme rehash:

TCoAaL gifs:

Dangnaronpa... sorry for abandoning you bbg

Danganronpa pixel sprites:

these were very much inspired or referenced off of another persons sprite, but kind of enhanced a bit... originals by u/TotallyNot_Jason. there was no like full res download for the animated ones so i went out of my way to enhance and change some things myself! i wanted to make them to add them to a carrd.

Danganronpa sprite edits (as old as 2020 and literally fucking cringe view at your own risk youve been warned /gen):

ouma and yumeno fusion plus whatever the fuck the kokichi one is, these are old as hell and cringe LOLLLLLL

NSO based emojis/custom NSO emojis (theyre small enough i dont have to put them in anything lol):

NSO full body sprites:

dark angel edits:

purple beta ame edits:

school ame edits:

other NSO edits uncategorized:

official assets/sprites either transparent or dark angel-ified:

official twitter kangel post (or nyalra posting official art) decompressed, dark angel/purple ame-ified, or transparent:

official artwork made transparent or edited:

with that, the NSO section is done.... now onto OMORI edits (theres less but still a lot):

transparents of random (OMORI) official art:

in game OMORI contents either transparent or edited


heres just a link youll have to click because it refuses to disable autoplay and i dont want to jumpscare anybody with music: omori meme video/edit i made (has music)

OMORI pixel sprite edits (mostly crossover edits!)

OC related OMORI edits (not-canon things, just my ocs in the style). both pixel and portrait here!

with that, the OMORI section is over.... Deltarune only has two, one thats an OC and one thats not:

one lone Deltarune edit

Addisona sprite sheet

the only other fandom ive done an edit for was... fucking Cookie Run, which was more of a crossover edit but ill throw it here anyways:

the one Cookie Run sprite edit i made like ages ago

ok i lied i do have more sprite edits, but theyre Pony Town sprite edits, which i think ill do another blog for or something. so, with that, thats all i have! srry that theres a lot but its really early in the morning and im very bored and feel like sharing lol

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this might just be a me problem but the images only load up until the danganronpa pixel sprites part, the rest are only gaps with nothing inside
is there another way to view them or ,,?

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its cuz of the discord thing ive been really lazy and need to move them all over to file garden because of the discord embed change... someday itll be fixed i just need to get my ass to work, sorry for inconvenience

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its alright! take ur time :-7

by RECURSER; ; Report