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☆─── ⋆⋅08/14/23⋅⋆ ──☆

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i am sooo tired right now, so i'm going to update my blog real quick!!

today was pretty relaxing!! tbh i didn't really do much but code, be on here, and chill.

i did, however, clean my room A LOT. since i'm moving into dorms soon, my room has been FILLED with boxes and my family can't help but comment on how messy my room has gotten. i KNOW my room is messy when my family comments on it, because they never do...anyways, so yeah, i cleaned a lot of it and my mom was impressed like i've NEVER cleaned my room before,, LMAO. i'm gonna tackle some more tomorrow.

i been ghosting some friends, so i plan on contacting them tmrw!! the other day me and my friend got into this argument while they were drunk and they ended up blocking me. they unblocked me the next day and apologized and have been calling me here and there, but i have yet to reach back to them, so i'll do that tomorrow. MOTS: don't drink to the point where you're drunk texting and calling everyone. you're going to make bad decisions like my friend and take it out on others for no reason..

i feel so bad because i didn't do much today, but in reality i did do college work, code, read, clean my room, etc. so i need to stop feeling bad about relaxing and sleeping in sometimes. ugh, i'll do more tmrw cause i can't escape this feeling. I'LL GET BETTER I SWEAR.

i was about to fall asleep, but this blog kept me up so i can update it (thank you), so now i can go take a shower and get ready for bed and i'll be nice and cozy! goodnightttt everyone :)

okay byeee ~ <3

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