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☆─── ⋆⋅About Me⋅⋆ ──☆

an introduction to me!! [will be updated constantly] [pictures below]

☆ my name is amalyn (ah-ma'-lean), but my nickname is lyn ('lean' or 'lin' idrc)

★ i'm puerto rican

☆ computer science major

★ 8yr trumpet player

☆ fluent: EN, learning: ES / RU / JA

★ i have an amazing boyfriend, so only message as friends do :)

☆ nothing offends me, but please don't try to do so LMAO

★ i <3 ur mom jokes

☆ open to making friends!!

★ probably never gonna get diagnosed so i'm okay and we ballin


☆ i suck at IMing first, but i will interact with your bulletins, blogs, & any socials we follow each other on!

★ please only call me 'lyn' (& my prns ofc: she/her)

dni if

★ you're mean (not cool man...not cool.)

☆ wanna talk about politics (they scare me)

★ anything gore-related (i will block you)

☆ you make depressive blogs/content (i just want to meet people & blog my life)

★ it would be preferable if you're 16+  (i just feel uncomfy, and we won't have a lot in common)

my interests [just to name a few off the dome]

☆ anime

★ bread

☆ cats

★ computer science

☆ crocheting

★ fnaf

☆ hamsters

★ harry potter

☆ manga

★ movies

☆ music

★ purple

☆ rodents (ANY KIND)

★ stars

☆ ur mom jokes

pictures of me! [enjoy]

image image image image image image image image image
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Cel's profile picture

you're soo prettyy!!! and you seem hella cool!

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はなち's profile picture

You look like that one bestie in every teen movie lol

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Oh, heads up. I make gore art from time to time. But don't worry as I always place trigger warnings and never post them without them, it's my personal policy to.

by はなち; ; Report

omg!! no one has ever told me that before, thank you! i hope that's a good thing LOL <3 and no worries! as long as there's a warning, i'm completely cool with it! everyone has their interests and i don't judge; i just don't like seeing it out of nowhere when i'm not in the mood to take in that sort of content! thank you for the heads up<3

by ☆ lyn; ; Report


bunny's profile picture

amalyn is such a pretty name!! i took compsci in sophmore year, and it was a lot more fun than i thought would be (i consider myself to be more of a english/psych girlie lol)! why did you decide on getting a computer science major?

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by bunny; ; Report

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!<33 & i do love me some english/psych and wanted to major in it actually! i did, however decide on computer science because i always loved computers & creating things growing up and computer science had both! i took APCSP my senior yr of high school and absolutely loved it. i applied to all colleges undecided, but after going through all my interests and realizing how much i enjoyed the course, i transferred to my engineering school and began studying! what helped me finalize the decision was that i could genuinely see a future in getting a BS/MS in compsci, and since i do love psych still, i plan on minoring! :D

by ☆ lyn; ; Report

thats so cool!! i love how passionate you are about it, really nice to see!

by bunny; ; Report