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Random ass quotes from my Friends

"I'm a Lil birdy" -Nova

"Dye it gay." -Also Nova

"My Stomach hurts" "It's cause your gay and I hate gays" -Me and Jackie

"I'm about to throw myself at the wall"  *dose it* -Me

"Is your last name Washington" "What" -Also me and Jackie

"I'm Delulu" "And I'm a Hamilton fan😃👍" -Me and Nova

"Its not that much but someone was using my preferred pronouns (even though they were insulting me😍)" -Nova

"Guess what" "what" "I said guess" "what" "Idk" -Me and Noah

"I just woke up what happened" "HOW DO YOU SLEEP TILL 6PM ALEX" -Me and Noah

"We named it Lil shit" -Me

"We're going to Waffle house at 3 am" -Me (we actually did lmfao😭)

"Hen, Henwy, Gayry, yrneH" -Noah

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