i got a nose piercing!! + advice to anyone wanting to get theirs pierced :)

hiiii!! so, after a year of wishing for one, i finally got my nose pierced! it's just a stud currently, on the right side of my face (not a septum, just a nostril piercing). it's sooo cute :) the only thing that i've been worried about since getting it was the healing process the first few days after i got it, because it would not stop bleeding at all, and i was terrified because there was nothing about it online. i called the place i got it pierced at though, and they told me to just let it scab up, and to not clean the blood off. i took the advice, only spraying the piercing with the cleaning solution and not actually scrubbing at it with a q tip, and it stopped bleeding after like 2 days of letting the blood dry!! it's been over a week since and the blood all peeled off, and it hasn't bled more at all. so, if you want a nose piercing but you're worried about it, go for it! <3 if you get a piercing bump, soaking it with a cotton ball with apple cider vinegar on it works super well. and if it bleeds a ton like mine, let it scab :) it's so worth it though, it looks so adorable and hasn't given me any problems since. it doesn't even really hurt, except for if you put a lot of pressure on it, of course. i'm so excited for it to heal so i can wear cute jewlery :)

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