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Yeah, I am still horrible at bowling but I love to bowl. It is so much fun, and I love to laugh at myself! I am a good sport at losing in bowling. I am a very competitive person but when it comes to bowling, I just wanna have fun. I am queen of the potty shots lol. I never wore dresses when I was a teen! I hated dressing girly. And I loved being in my daddy's shop helping him paint cars.

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Apr. 20th, 2003 01:22 pm Bowling party Was Awesome!!!!!!!!

OMG I had too much fun. I feel sorry for the people who didn't come. We went there and got our lanes and waited for some people. hey got there and we had to switch lanes because we needed two lanes instead of one which I was glad for it too! Well we started a game and I played three everyone else played two. My scores go as follows. 76, 99, 44. Yeah they maybe low to u but to me thats high lol. Well anyways, here come these guys from Whitmer. He kept taking our bowling balls. Then he kept crackin on us and I swear I was on a roll that nite because everything he said he got told right after by me. It was hilarious just ask Jessica. When I bowled I used the potty shot method. Hey whjen you can hit alot of pins that way....Do it. lol! We had food and I drank 5 cans of pop two pepsi and 3 mountain dew. Then I had a virgin Marry only it wasn't a virgin Marry. They ran out of cherries so it didn't have it's cherry lol! But it was goooooood! All these oldie songs came on and I was dancin all crazy (you know me) and I didn't even care who was lookin at me. Well then we went outside to wait for my dad which didn't take long at all and these guys come out and were all cheering cause they won a trophy. Then me and Andrea started cheering for them and acting like cheerleaders. And they were like "see I told you the cheerleaders were out here" Then my dad came to pick my Jessica and Andrea up and he dropped them off at home. Oh. Andrea My dad smelled smoke on you in the car lol. He didn't care though! I told him that it was because there was people in the bowling alley smoking because I didn't think you smoked so yeah.
So today comes. It's Easter YAAAAAAAY! I woke up to a basket of candy and peeps and a snickers egg and a hard boiled egg. Ok I knew it was there before I went to bed last night but who cares. It's the thought that counts. too bad my dad ate the candy so i got none of it! :( I helped set up the baskets. My brother still believes in the tooth fearie, Easter Bunny, and Santa Clause. I'm gonna let him believe it for as long as possible. It's cool. Oh yeah and I actually wore a dress to church today.....but only because I ran out of pants to wear. Speaking of I have to go because I have to start a load of laundry. And I get to help my dad custom paint the P T Cruiser.

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