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☆─── ⋆⋅08/13/23⋅⋆ ──☆

⌗11:34 pm ★ 

today was painful (ty cramps)

i got into an argument with my bf (i started it; i swear the cramps got to my brain), but we ended up working it out in about 10 minutes and i was able to feel better... 

(i apologized too cause i know i was wrong)

i've practically been in bed with a heating pad, some water, and pain killers all day </3

on a good note, i decorated my page some more (w/ stamps) and then LEARNED how to make said stamps (i'm addicted now...)

yes, i did post this on my bulletin as well, but i'm just so stoked. i can make all the stamps i can't find now!!

check them out on deviant art! it's linked in my page or you could click here:


i'm working on one rn :p

also, i am still listening to the recs and playlists you guys sent me (THANK YOU SO MUCH. YOU ALL ARE AMAZING :D <3)

i did some of my mom's work too so i'm getting paid! WOOOOOO

i'm gonna shower in a few and get ready for bed and pray the cramps tmrw won't kick my a$$.

okay byeee ~ goodnight <3

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