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living situation got threatened uh oh

I came out to my parents via email on Friday, and my dad didn't say much back to me. But what he did say is that I have to move out of the house I live in with my sisters. He's kicking me out even though he doesn't even live here. It hurts a lot because I don't want to leave my sisters and I Like my room and I like my stuff. And he's giving me till the end of the month or else he's coming here to throw all of my stuff in a dumpster.

I feel like I should have expected this because I know he doesn't approve of it. But I shouldn't have to expect this. I don't consider this to be the consequences of my actions coming out. He is literally being insane. Apparently when my sibling called him he said it's like he's living in a nightmare and he started crying. What a self-centered bitch.

I don't know what's happening fer sure but my sisters are looking into getting me an apartment and paying for it for me. Or I could move in with one of my sibling's friends. But I feel like that could be potentially too awkward cuz I have a lot of stuff and my sibling's friend lives with their parents.

The other option is to just stay here and call the police on my dad if he tries to come here and take my stuff or hurt me.

I don't know what's happening and nothing feels real. I feel incredibly isolated.

But we have to keep moving. It's hard but it's just another setback. Things will be fine. Maybe eventually I'll get to move back into this house again.

My living situation is unstable but I don't wanna say I'm exactly homeless perse, it's just complicated.

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Oh man that sucks. You know I think you should just put all your stuff in boxes so its safe. And then move somewhere, for example to that friend who lives with parents. I'm sure they will have a place for that boxes. Well you don't need them every day right? It's just stuff that is your ls and is very meaningful. I know, I went through it too. Just live at their place untill you find an apartment.
I don't think thag police will help

But still. Wishing all the good luck!! If you need someone to cheer you up I'm here for you just text me<3

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