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Today is Sunday August 13, 2023, I write this at 12:58 am (early morning, Mexico time) But I upload this at 1:55, and I feel terrible. Let's start with the fact that I fell behind with some tasks and I'm doing them days before delivery, I must deliver 15 infographics made by me (obviously) by the 16th of this month no later than 11 at night, but fortunately I have done I'm already 9 and although it's less work, the pressure is still on my side. Then let's continue with the fact that yesterday Saturday afternoon-night I began to feel a slight back pain which increased with the passing of time, I must say that I was sick approximately 3 weeks ago? And I was not completely "cured" since the cough and the slight sore throat were still there and today I started with physical ailments again, together with the back pain, my forehead also began to hurt (a rare pain for those who know it, but it is typical of me is certain situations) and usually when that pain appears I press my forehead with my palms, but here is another detail, on Wednesday of last week I got my eyebrow pierced (soon I will tell you about my embarrassing experience with my first piercing) so thanks to them I can't press or massage my forehead on the right side since I don't want to move the piercing unnecessarily, so the pain is still there, then my joints started to hurt like my knees and elbows mainly and I noticed it when I had to go up the stairs, my chest also hurts a bit and although I'm not short of breath or hurt my lungs to be something more serious, if I have trouble filling them with air, it's confusing but I breathe well I just can't "inflate" them ", the hungover cough is still there but there is no phlegm, just a kind of annoying tingling, my neck also hurts and I feel "heavy", I am also noticing that I have slight "instantaneous stings" inside my scalp and that my hands They kind of get stiff and more on the right but the same as with the forehead, it's a typical pain for me. Fortunately I went in to bathe and there doesn't seem to be a trace of temperature in my body, although my skin does feel hot. If people didn't know that I'm 20 years old, they would think that the person writing this is an old woman with age ailments haha.

Then my mom told me yesterday or today that she had a slight premonition that something bad was going to happen, logically I calmed her down, although I was still a bit worried since she feels that way because my father went out all weekend. week and well, uh-huh, the concern is understandable, but also that discomfort that my mom had, we could take it as those "predictions" that are made but in reference to that apart, my mother showed me in the afternoon a visible bruise between her chest and shoulder (closer to the shoulder) and one that is developing above her left breast but this one has a "bump" inside the skin so it's worrisome because of all that about breast cancer, we're not getting ideas but I suggested making an appointment with the doctor to have it checked out so I hope everything goes well. And if we continue with the "prediction" perhaps he was referring to that feeling of "something bad is going to happen" it could be about my physical condition although idk. In any case, I know that what happens to me is due to my current bad habit of life, I sleep very late, I don't eat at my hours, I fall asleep in the armchair in the living room at night and I expose myself to the cold by leaving the fan on turned on, that added to the daily stress due to everything since I always get stressed and that I am also in my pajamas all day for a large part of the week (now that it is vacation for me) and in my belief by doing that I mainly attract physical discomfort (not judge me, I "discovered" it when in the pandemic I had the same lifestyle and I got sick very often, which is rare since I only get sick with the flu and stomach and that happens a maximum of 2 times a year and it only happened when I repeated this pattern so aha, you understand me) so most likely I have low defenses which is very logical after all.

Idk, I wanted to come write a bit since I saw some requests for music in the comments of other designs that I uploaded and I also wanted to say that I will upload them tomorrow during the day since tomorrow I have to go to the university to register for the master's degree, then I have to go to my appointment in the piercing studio so they can check how mine is healing and later - night I'll continue with my infographics, so in little spare time I'll be uploading requests for music designs, just I wanted to warn (if someone reads this haha)

Well, I say goodbye, I have to sleep, I hope everyone has a good day/afternoon/night, see you in the next blog. ^^

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