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DNI/BYF or smth


(Also if you're friends with anybody on here.. You can get yo ass outta here too. Sick of mfs who's friends with TCC weirdos friendin me..)

obviously shit like racists, homophobes, zoophiles, necrophiles, transphobes, proshippers, weird shi like that instead of readin this go touch grass lil bro

nazis (or neo nazis whatever idfc bout the right words but ik yall lil weirdos love to get mad like "erm ackshually, im a NEO nazi. *chuckle*") 

those tcc kids that idolize murderers (if u just like true crime ion really give two shits but if ya out here meatridin some loser killers get outta here edgy ass or if u got a list of favorite criminals YA WEIRD BUB)

those religious people who be tryna convert people on profiles, ion care if ur religious obviously cuz i aint a weirdo but yeah dont be like commentin bible verses on my shit bruh

music advertisers.. ur music is fukin shit stop friending me perty

mega edgelords, like yk them mf mayhem fans who cant shut up about how they wanna kill everyone and wanna watch everyone who isnt like them suffer? yeah anything like those things.. sounds specific but if youve seen more than 3 of em youll kno that shits accurate

lolis/shotas (ur a 40 year old man in ur moms basement ur not a loli)

lolicons/shotacons or just anyone who likes anything sexual n lil kid related.. fiction or not (just say ur a pedophile) "heh well its drawn/shes actually 1000!" dont care lil bro keep blabberin

dream stans or just dsmp fans in general yall r goofy n annoying its 2024 not 2020 lil brah

mfs whos ALWAYS negative like ya got nothin happy bro always complainin cryin n shit i dont mean like depressed ppl fuckin obviously bruh im talkin like edgelords “heh.. everything sucks :) just wait till i get my hands on a gun.” life is beautiful theres beauty in everything lil ahs boy!!!!! even skinny jeans

also if i comment on yo shit and ur on my dni dont go “heh dni goes both ways motherfucker! 🤓” cuz ion give a shit if ur goofy ima make fun of u for bein goofy cough yall tcc mfs thinkin ur clever by doin those lil replies

d*vid.. 🤢🤢



ummmm i make way 2 many posts cuz im a fukn yapper n shi...ion spam tho.....n i try not 2 make a ton i jus got a lot on my mind!

i speak flurtznese yo...ion type like how i do here i b typin like 27mv78e8rm78qv7m8 beep boop beep boop.....gotta work on my typin cuz its fukn SHIT

i say what comes to my mind fuck what ya feel nah jk lol thats some wannabe bad boy wit a galaxy wolf shadow the hedgehog pfp shit but onb i aint really gonna care too much bout some random mf ion knows feelings honesty is the best policy yo

but i aint boutta just hop on yo dick or be like rahhhh u mad dumb bruh or smth cuz i may be honest but i aint boutta be mean to homies bruh or just chill ppl in general imma be nice man

or say shit like IM RACIST!!!!!! or IM GLAD UR GRANDMAS DEAD SHE WAS UGLY ANYWAYS!!!!! ion go freakin batshit!!!!!!!1

yeah that made me sound all meanie negative nancy but i try to stay positive n say the least bad stuff i can 😒 peace alwayz

i hate on stuff but its always just jokes unless its genuinely problematic or whatever, i dont give a fuk if u like smth or dont like ect. obviously.. dont listen to some kid on the internet hating on shi lol do what u wanna do as long as it dont hurt anyone even if ya like some shit like taylor swift keep lovin what ya love bro

i flirt as like a joke..so if ya aint chill wit that tell me foo.....but i try to make it obvious im jokin cuz i aint cray

i take like nothin seriously u could write me thhe most beautiful well written essay ever and  id prolly respond with peepeepoopoo

im immature as fuck and i make way too many sex jokes and swear a poopoo grimace skibidi rizz ton

sometimes i make edgy jokes.. not super edgy like "heh...suicide is pretty..good, dont you think..heh..u could say im..sigma :)" like a weirdo just to shi like grr these mexicans r takin our jobs or im mean as a joke if weve talked before (i make it obvious to tell im jokin or at least try to, if u dont like some shit that i do tell me brah!!!)

bein corny awkward annoyin shi like that is sum of my humor yo....so if i randomly go like Naruto Uzumaki here, to tell you that Kai Cenat will become the next Hokage! Believe it! soz homeboi

ill fukin kinkshame however much i want bruh caca n shit is nasty n i aint gonna listen to yo "ooh well..flurtz they cant control it!!! wahhhh!" doooooont caaaare

ion like listenin to what people tell me to do n im impatient but i aint boutta be like "grr hurry yo ass up raghhhh idiot!!!!" naw bruh

idk anymore id say im chill if it wouldnt make me sound all full of myself n shi yo also this lil byf thing kinda makes me sound real mean yo… someone remind me to make this sound nicer later

sum of my stories from past experiuences n shi par be weird as sshi like violent or sexual but i put warnins n shi.......i aint dumb yo

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well you don't mind losers right?

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i dont minds them one bit

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