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project libitina and what it means

ddlc spoilers

(if that wasnt very clear)

hey everybody today im gonna be explaining project libitina and how it fits into the ddlc lore,,,,, sorry if some of my info is wrong since im writing on entirely on my phone 

what is project libitina?

project libitina is believed to be the next addition of ddlc,,, but if not confirmed. a qr code leading to http://projectlibitina.com/ can be found inside sayori.chr,, at the games launch the website was initially unresponsive but eventually went live with a test log the test log was dated january 5th 2004 and had information about a girl named libitina born january 5th 2001 with her name being redacted. the names ‘sayori’, ‘monika’, “elysaa” and george could fit into the surname space,,, hence the 6 characters. libitina is also the name of a ancient rome goddess of funeral and death.

when was it mentioned?

the name libitina was never mentioned deliberately, but there have been hints to the project existing. for example: in act 1 and 2 of the game mc asks about the lore of the book yuri is reading titled ‘portrait or markov’. 

in act 1 yuri tells mc: 

"Basically, it's about this girl in high school who moves in with her long-lost sister... But as soon as she does so, her life gets really strange. She gets targeted by these people who escaped from a human experiment prison... And while her life is in danger, she needs to desperately choose who to trust. No matter what she does, she ends up destroying most of her relationships and her life starts to fall apart..."

when mc asks again in act 2 she goes more in depth about it responding differently with:

"Basically, it's about this religious camp that was turned into a human experiment prison... And the people trapped there have this trait that turns them into killing machines that lust for blood. But the facility gets even worse, and they start selectively breeding people by cutting off their limbs and affixing them to-- O-Oh, that might be a little bit of a spoiler..."

in both acts mc compares the protagonist of the book with yuri because they second guess and lot and forget lots of what they say,,, in act 1 she gets all flustered and saids its a terrible thing to have something in common with the book protagonist.

however in act 2 she gets defensive then nervously tries to dismiss mc thoughts.

monikas decoded character file

if you decode monikas character file in the correct way,,, it ends up being a base64 string it reads:

"Can you hear me?

...Who are you?

I can't...I can't see you.

But I know you're there. Yeah...you can definitely hear me.

You've been watching for a while now, right?

I guess I should...introduce myself, or something. Um...my name is...actually, that's stupid. You obviously already know my name. Sorry.

Anyway...I'm guessing if you were able to put a stop to this, you would've done it by now.

I mean, I know you're not like...evil, or anything...because you've already helped me so much.

I should really thank you for that. For everything you've done. You're really like a friend to me. So...thank you. So much.

I think...more than anything else...I really don't want it to all be for nothing.


Everyone else is dead.

Maybe you already know that. I'm sure you do, actually.

But...it doesn't have to be that way, right?

Well, there's a lot of stuff I don't understand. I don't know if it's even possibke for me to understand it.

But now I know that this isn't my only story.

I can see now. Really clearly.

And I think everyone else has had the same kind of experience. Some kind of deja vu.

It's the Third Eye, right?

Anyway...I could be totally wrong about this. But I really think you might be able to do sonething.

I think you might be able to go back...or however you want to put it...

...To go back and tell them what's going to happen.

If they know ahead of time, they should be able to avoid it.

They should...if they remember their time with me in the other worlds...they should remember what I tell them.

Yeah. I really think this might be possible. But it'a up to you.

I'm sorry for always being...you know...


Never mind. I know that's wrong.

This is my story. It's time to be a f■■■ing hero.

Both of us.


since the ending has 2018 in it, most people believed that project libitina was coming in 2018,, yet it was radio silence for ddlc. 

who is libitina?

as we know libitina is a female born on the 5th of january 2004. a photo of libitina can be found inside of the ddlc files,, you have to wrap around the photo into a cone though. she looks like this:


as you can see she has pale white hair and eyes. most people believe that yuri is libitina from their resemblance, there are also hints to the fact that libitina and yuri are the same person. i recommend you watch videos of yuri and theories and how she is libitina.

the third eye

in monikas decoded text she mentions a third eye, in act 2 of the game yuri mentions that inside her book people are being selected and having their limbs cut off but cuts herself off not wanting to spoil you. what most people think she is trying to say is that 'worthy’ people are having their limbs cut off then being sown into one singular person in the religious camps in the hopes of having them turn into higher beings so their third eye opens. potentially having the ability to ascend.

so this is the end of my blog post,,, i spent about an hour on this so i hope you like it. some of the information might not be correct because i wrote most of it from memory i might update it in the future in the to correct any of my information mistakes or add more information on ,, thanks for reading this far and please let me know if you enjoyed this blogpost or it helped you with the lore of ddlc because i would really appreciate it.

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i remember when everything was coming out about project libitina ToT i wish there was more stuff about it tbh T_T

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Very interesting hidden lore

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W post and i cant wait for more shit abt project libitina or ddlc in general:3

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